Eloise Page Natural Law Teachings

Natural Law Productions  --  "About Us"  --  Oasis Wisdom  --  by William Schaaf

Our Mission

It is our mission to pay forward, worldwide,  gifts of knowledge and wisdom through the teachings of Natural Law and Spiritualism as embodied and interpreted by Eloise Page.

Eloise Page was a  healer,  guide,  clairvoyant,  mother archetype, a wise loving spirit who lived much of her life in Cassadaga, Florida.  Eloise passed away at the age of 97 doing her life's work to the end.  

Eloise's teachings of Natural Law and Spiritualism were handed down by her teacher and husband EB Page, and

are embraced by Florida's Cassadaga Spiritual Camp.

EB Page was a student and devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, a true Saint of India, who founded the Self Realization Fellowship in 1920 in California. 

William Schaaf is an educator, writer, artist, who uses art as a healing agent.  He met Eloise Page in the 1970s, studied Natural Law and Spiritualism with her, trained in the psychic field, and remains her devoted student.

As CEO of Natural Law Productions, LLC., William Schaaf is the executor of Eloise Page's estate, and intrusted with disseminating her Natural Law Teachings for all to benefit.