Natural Law Productions --  Oasis Wisdom  --  SYNOPSES by William Schaaf

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION  Eloise speaks to Law of Attraction in terms of it's Universal, Taoist energy, how it applies itself on every plane of our being .. the physical, mental and spiritual, involving every Kingdom .. of animal, of human, organic, chemical, of God, in terms of expression, growth, and fulfillment.  There are attractions on various planes of being,  not just the physical,  but also  attractions on the mental plane, where we are attracted to other people with similar likes, with similar understandings, and there are spiritual attractions, simply because Natural Law is a Universal Law that operates in every single plane, from the material to the spiritual.

LAW OF ACTION AND ACTIVITY  Some truths Eloise touches upon are: Everything is continually vibrating in the field of action and movement in the Universe.  We have individual  choice and  free will.    The importance of understanding ourselves, our emotions and motives, which determine the success or non-success of an action.  The importance of maintaining a sense of self, operating in sincerity, and integrity to walk a middle path of right action. 

LAW OF MASTERY  The Law of Mastery is about mastering your self.  Eloise urges the aspirant to seek the beauty of the God Presence first.  What is it that produces a master?  First of all, it means your ability to regulate and govern your own being, your attitudes, your emotions, to direct your aspirations, to understand your motivations, to know if you are seeking selfishly, to understand if you are open hearted, if you are sincere .. if you have integrity in the qualities that make up you. 

LAW OF MIND  Eloise talks about the faculties of the mind and the part it plays in our psychic unfoldment, our psychic development, taking each phase of it to give one a deeper understanding of how it works when we are reading for a person, when we are analyzing a thing, and what faculties we are ourselves using, and even sometimes misusing.  She sheds light and understanding upon the three faculties of the creative, the subjective and the subconscious nature of mind.  

Here are synopses of 9 of Eloise's teachings,

as interpreted by William Schaaf. 

Eloise Page Natural Law Teachings

LAW OF POWER (2) Response-Ability. Eloise emphasizes the need for preparation, sincerity, stability, a moral, soul responsibility, a humility and gratitude through self-discipline, self-analysis of the harnessing of the emotions, the personal ego;  so as to be a positive instrument for God, Spirit, the Light, for giving hope and illumination to blend with and help others to find their way.  Because of the wise development of this Universal Consciousness and Power, you become the creator .. your thoughts have the power to create, as with the things that you do, that you will issue forth.  As we give of our life, our Spirit, as we have put all our force in that, we have endowed it with our life, our life force, and spirit .. so that is our power. Power equals Responsibility.

LAW OF POWER (1)  Eloise asks .. Do I desire Power, and if so, in what way would I use it? We are all born here with the Light, the birthright, the ability to harness that force and power.  We all have something to offer, to produce and accomplish for everyone through our talents and capabilities.  We all desire to reach some point of fulfillment with these innate talents within us.  It's the use we make of this power that determines whether it's a use that is constructive, good, and positive, or something vicious, bad or negative.  The sources of power is the energy within us.  You alone are the channel that has to regulate the forces of your own energetic power within you.  All is God in me, in you, in everyone and everything.

LAW OF ACCEPTANCE  With the Law of Acceptance,  Eloise talks about the wholehearted spontaneous release and spiritual connection with the soul force, the God Self.  In this  'Letting Go, and  Letting God', we blend positively with the divinity and wisdom of Universal mind, becoming whole and joyous. 

LAW OF LOVE  There are many kinds of love.  Eloise had this passage from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 on her refrigerator:  'Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy,  it does no boast,  it is not proud.   It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres'.  Love seeks to understand.  

LAW OF FULFILLMENT   (Full Fill Meant)  There is something for everyone to accomplish and fulfill in this life on all planes from the material to the spiritual.  What are some of the stages and mechanics?  Why were we born? What were you born for? Do you know what you want to achieve in this life? What is the Source? What Created all this? What brings us close to our dreams of fulfillment? What are the Blessings of fulfilling higher Spiritual realms? 

Eloise Page recorded over seventy teachings of her Natural Laws.